Recommendation: The Uncook Book by Tanya Maher


When I started my health drive I was investigating all sorts of diets and lifestyles to see which suited me best. I’ve always been a massive foodie so I didn’t want to restrict myself with a diet because it would make me miserable and therefore I would give up incredibly quickly. That’s how I came across ideas from Deliciously Ella, Anna Jones, Hemsley + Hemsley, Madeleine Shaw, Honestly Healthy and so on. I’ve discovered so many different foods and meals that I now adore whilst being 100% healthy. Due to this new way of eating and exercise I’ve lost over 3 stone, my blood pressure has gone back to normal and I’ve never felt better

Although, the one branch of healthy eating that I had never really explored was raw food. I understood the concept of it, because when we cook food it breaks down and loses the majority of vitamins and minerals therefore it is clearly not as good for us, but it never really excited me. I think it’s because, like everyone else, I believed raw food would just be eating sticks of raw vegetables all the time. Now I will admit I was wrong. Very wrong. Raw food can be exciting and this has been proven to me by Tanya Maher. DSC_6955

In 1998 Tanya was in a car accident leading to her breaking her back and badly damaging all her internal organs.
Her insides were so bruised and damaged that her body rejected any food that she tried to eat meaning that the doctor’s only solution was to remove her pancreas. However, her parents decided that they did not want to remove her pancreas unless it was absolutely vital. They began to search for holistic healing alternatives and this eventually lead to them discovering the benefits of raw food.

I discovered Tanya after following her cafe, Tanya’s cafe, on Instagram and immediately feeling inspired by their creations. When I heard that she was releasing a cookbook I was incredibly excited because if there was any raw food that was delicious then it would most definitely be by her. I preordered the book and I was very happy when it arrived early because that meant I could start making recipes from it straight away.DSC_6901DSC_6994

Now, I don’t have a dehydrator or a juicer so I can’t do some of the recipes in this book however I don’t see this as a problem. In fact, I think this book proves that a dehydrator and a juicer are useful but not necessary to enjoy raw food because I have really enjoyed the food I have made from this book. So, I haven’t tried any of the juices or dehydrated food from this book and cannot comment on whether they are nice or not however the pictures of them look wonderful! As well as this, the recipes I have tried have all been delicious so I can definitely recommend them. So far I have tried the choctastic and blue jump start shakes, the mexican hot chocolate, the apple cinnamon chia porridge, the root veggie satay noodles, the cannelloni and the salted caramel slices. I plan to make the red velvet cupcakes very soon.

I had the two shakes, hot chocolate and apple cinnamon chia as part of my breakfasts. Both the shakes were filling meaning they kept me going until lunchtime whilst tasting absolutely delicious. The choctastic was particularly amazing if you need a chocolate fix but it is still 100% healthy meaning you don’t feel guilty about it. My Dad couldn’t quite believe the fact that the choctastic is healthy (it’s that good). Again, the mexican hot chocolate gave me a chocolate fix without me feeling guilty and the chilli and chocolate really complement each other (even though I put too much cayenne in meaning it almost blew my head off). It tasted like hot chocolate and shows that you can still enjoy a hot drink whilst eating a raw diet. The apple cinnamon chia porridge was a perfect flavour combination whilst being filling yet light at the same time meaning I had enough energy to carry me through until lunchtime. The root veggie satay noodles and the cannelloni were both delicious meals with my Mum even commenting that the cannelloni was restaurant quality standard. Finally, the salted caramel slices are a perfect snack/pudding for anyone because they really hit the spot when it comes to a sweet treat! DSC_6918

As a photography student the presentation of a book is very important to me. This book is simply beautiful, the photography in it is stunning and the food styling makes every dish look gorgeous. I love food photography and styling and I am possibly considering this as my career path so a book like this is inspiring to me. I keep seeing recipe upon recipe that I want to make because the styling of them is perfect. I’ve been making recipes everyday since this book arrived and I will be continuing to do so.

Finally, Tanya’s attitude to life is infectious. After reading the book through it has convinced me that I do need to eat more raw food. I’m not going to eat raw food permanently because I love cooked sweet potato, feta cheese and many varieties of beans but I’m going to try and have raw fruit and vegetables with every meal. Tanya has convinced me that I should be a nutritarian (someone who chooses the most nutritious foods available to them) and raw foods are definitely this. I think my diet is now the best it has ever been so, in conclusion, I seriously recommend this book to anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle.DSC_7013DSC_6888


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